Solutions for Emission-Free Mobility

Our Vision: Zero-Emission

At ARTHUR, we develop solutions along the entire value chain of emission-free mobility. Our solutions range from producing clean energy to providing emission-free transportation and the required infrastructure. We want to support our community in reducing its ecological footprint without having to compromise on value, comfort, and performance.

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Let’s Make It Possible

The holistic transition towards emission-free mobility continues to be a tremendous challenge. Technological and economic barriers such as high investment costs and limited financial support for businesses currently limit participation, growth, and innovation in this field. While the zero-emission movement has gained public momentum in recent years, there still remains a lack of experts to support market players in implementing solutions at an industrial scale.

However, at ARTHUR, we are convinced that rational optimism is the best way to approach these challenges and believe that change is possible - with know-how, passion, and a collective focus on actively redesigning our planet with sustainable solutions. Taking courageous actions and creating innovative products is the ARTHUR way of solving the carbon dioxide dilemma.

What We Explore

ARTHUR currently explores and works on several topics to accelerate the world's transition to an environmentally sustainable place. Whether on land, water, or in the air, ARTHUR will provide solutions for emission-free mobility. Our mobility products serve specific applications involving the generation of green energy as well as storage and its distribution.

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State-of-the-Art Hydrogen and Electric Buses

At ARTHUR, we offer end-to-end solutions for emission-free mobility. That includes the offering of green energy as well as the required infrastructure. By combining renewable energies with sustainable mobility, we want to impact the overall carbon footprint positively. We will soon introduce our first and completely new developed mobility solution for public transportation, the ARTHUR BUS. The ARTHUR ZERO product line will be available with a choice of all-electric or synthetic propulsion systems, such as hydrogen. The ARTHUR BUS will be the first element in our emission-free ecosystem. Join ARTHUR on its journey to a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future, starting with the ARTHUR BUS.