At ARTHUR, we pursue opportunities across the zero-emission ecosystem.

In this context, we aim to utilise our capabilities to positively impact our customers and partners, mainly targeting innovations and key technologies capable of generating sustainable benefits.

We want to inject innovative spirit, agility, and a growth mindset into the world of sustainable mobility. We want to help our society on reducing its carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort, value, and performance.

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The Challenge

Experts estimate that it will take more than 20 years for all vehicles with conventional combustion engines to be replaced by emission-free systems, even if we were to sell and produce only emission-free options exclusively from today on. But even this utopian example would take too long for our environment. There are a number of reasons why this mobility shift remains such a significant challenge. Still, we at ARTHUR believe that offering emission-free solutions is the more feasible choice. We want to reinforce this choice positively from an environmental and an economic point of view—both on the supply and demand side. Initial use cases must become commercially more accessible to the public and for their day-to-day applications.

Whether hydrogen is the future energy carrier or pure electrification, infrastructure options need to be established for mainstream consumption to support all emission-free mobility solutions. The insufficient infrastructure for synthetic fuels such as hydrogen and the lack of coverage provided by electric charging stations restrain the demand for alternative powered mobility.

“The only way out is forward, with courage and innovation.”
Gerhard Mey, Founder of ARTHUR, on the sustainability challenge

Our Solutions

The answer to the carbon challenge should inspire optimism, innovation, and courage. It begins with all the fantastic people who envision change and are willing to do something about the task at hand. Every day at ARTHUR, we are inspired by projects that are working on solving sustainability problems. We have a clear vision regarding emission-free mobility: providing solutions along the entire value chain of sustainable mobility.

The range of services and solutions must be scaled up significantly to be more attractive for users and customers. At the same time, nobody should have to expect less efficiency, comfort, or performance from emission-free mobility. We followed this promise with our first evolution of emission-free public transportation, the ARTHUR BUS. Our buses will operate without producing any emissions and will also offer comfort, peace, and quiet for passengers and residents due to its silent propulsion systems. Sustainable materials and a cutting-edge energy concept are just some of our value propositions to mention.

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Our Plan

By providing attractive and commercially viable solutions within the sustainable mobility ecosystem, we are committed to bringing change for the better. Energy generation, distribution, infrastructure, and mobility products and services must be designed and offered together to create a competitive advantage for suppliers and a better alternative for users and customers.

Ultimately, customers should not have to compromise on mobility, performance or comfort, if they want to travel in a sustainable way. On the other hand, technology and innovation must enable ARTHUR and other companies to engineer better products than what is currently available.

Gerhard Mey

Gerhard Mey

Philipp Glonner

Philipp Glonner


Our Team

The idea of ARTHUR was born quite some time ago in the mind of the well-known and respected entrepreneur Gerhard Mey. On his journey of realizing this vision, he finally encountered the young, ambitious engineer and start-up entrepreneur Philipp Glonner. Their shared vision of an emission-free future was the catalyst for founding the company in March 2021.

Together, Gerhard Mey as Founder and Philipp Glonner as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ARTHUR and its subsidiary ARTHUR BUS are now realizing their dream.